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Gender : Female
Age : 27
Live in : Jepun
初めまして 92年生まれの会社員です 楽に話せる人と友達に成りたいです 誠実で面白い人だと嬉しいです 親しくなれば しましょう あなたの 日が知りたいです 今日は どのように過ご...
Gender : Female
Age : 41
Live in : Turki
Hello. My name is Nilg n .I am 36 years old. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I work on Calligraphy and I am interested in East culture. Especially, for calligraphy and traditional arts. I also try to lear...
Gender : Male
Age : 21
Live in : Korea
Hello, I am a university student in Korea. Please send me a lot of emailsBe my friend. こんにちは 韓国の大学生です 日本人の友達を作りたいです よく連絡して できれば電話もしたいです 日本へ旅行も行...
Gender : Male
Age : 35
Live in : Korea
Hellomy name is Ojoonfrom South KoreaI want make a friend and study history and language from other countriesI like travel other places anywhereKorea or other countriesreading a books and comicsI gree...
Gender : Male
Age : 31
Live in : Jepun
HiIm NAOYAI was born in FUKUOKAgrew upDo you know FUKUOKA Fukuoka is where very easy to liveNowIm working in YOKOSUKAMy profession is a product designI want a conversation with me and EnglishHoweverIm...
Gender : Female
Age : 28
Live in : Korea
はじめまして. 私は 1991年生まれで, 日本語にも興味を持っています 私は多くの人と親しく馴れたいんです. あなたと手紙のやりとりができてうれしいです こんなの初めてなのでドキド...
Gender : Female
Age : 25
Live in : Aruba
Hi. I m from a small tropical island in the caribbean. My native language is Papiamento. I can speak 5 panguages. My hobbies are Art, Photography and films. Here to make friends. And Learn about cultu...
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