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Gender : Female
Age : 22
Live in : Korea
初めまして 私は韓国人女の子です 年齢は 22歳 平成10年 6月生まれ 私は会社人です 私は 小さな頃から 日本のアニメを見ながら成長したので 大人になった今までも 相変わらず大好き...
Gender : Female
Age : 25
Live in : Jepun
안녕하세요. 95년생 일본인 여자입니다 이번 한국어 시험으로 고급을 따기위해서 일상생활에 한국어를 쓰고싶기때문에 등록해봤습니디 일본어 말고 한국어로 대화를 하고싶습니다. 띄어...
Gender : Female
Age : 18
Live in : Jepun
私は02 の日本の高校生ですまだ韓国語は下手ですがよろしくお願いします仲良くしてくれると嬉しいですまだ翻訳機を使います. 年齢が近い人にしか返信しません 나는 02 년생 일본의 ...
Gender : Male
Age : 16
Live in : Jepun
Hello. I am a Japanese student who is studying English. I am interested in other cultures. So don t hesitate to talk to me. I have whatsapp and account. If we woud be closer, I will show my phot...
Gender : Female
Age : 14
Live in : Korea
HelloMy name is Minji. I m from South Korea. I am interested in Japanese animation. Please talk to me comfortablyこんにちは 私の名前はミンジです 私は韓国人で日本のアニメーに関心が高いです それで私は日本...
Gender : Female
Age : 37
Live in : Amerika Syarikat
Hello, I m Erica and I live in Orlando, Florida, USA. I am here to make friends from all over the world, as I am interested in learning about new cultures and I can speak English, Spanish and French. ...
Gender : Male
Age : 26
Live in : Jerman
Hey, my name is Matthias. I m a student living in Germany. I recently started studying Japanese, so I m not very good with it yet I can only some very basic stuff I like listening to music, do editing...
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