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Cool pen-pals with photos!

Open Penpal Search

Total members : 591179

Gender : Female
Age : 36
Live in : Jepun
Nice to meet youI live in Japan. I want to improve my English and make a friends in the world .My hobby is watching movie, listen music, cooking, shopping, anime, and danceOff cause I can tell you Jap...
Gender : Male
Age : 34
Live in : Latvia
こんにちは I am scientist working at university. I am very interested in Japan and learning Japanese now, so I would like to have long term friends in Japan It all started with anime and J pop band Perfume...
Gender : Female
Age : 27
Live in : Jepun
유우미에요오키나와 에 살고있어요 한국어 귀여워서 많이 듣고싶어요여행이 너무 좋아요 .韓国留学準備中です 韓国の友達がほしいです 仲良くなってお話がしたいです 日韓が仲良くな...
Gender : Female
Age : 45
Live in : Jepun
안녕하세요. 저는 지금 한국어를 공부하고 있어요. 한국어의 공부하기 위해서 한국인과 친구가 되고 싶어요. 거짓말하자 않는 사람. 성실한 사람. 저는 결혼했기 때문에 친구로서 성실하게...
Gender : Female
Age : 42
Live in : Jepun
はじめまして 韓国語を勉強しています 韓国語で会話が出来る友達が出来ればと思い登録しました 文化や音楽など 色 な事を話せたらと思っています 女性 男性 年齢は問いません 長く...
Gender : Male
Age : 31
Live in : Cyprus
HiMy name is William but you can call me Will. I am from Cyprus where I work as an English language teacher. I am willing to learn new languages and help others learn English. I also want to have frie...
Gender : Male
Age : 39
Live in : Korea
こんにちは 普通に日常を話す友達に会いたいです 職場の話 友達や伴侶動物に対してそんなささやかな話を楽に交わす人になりたいです .Hi, nice to meet you. I want to be a comfortable frien...
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