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Gender : Male
Age : 30
Live in : Turki
Hello everyone. I m Fuat. Nice to meet you. I live in stanbul. I like nature, ride bike, play and pc games. I want to learn Japanese and I m working on it. It looks difficult, but I think it s fun May...
Gender : Male
Age : 19
Live in : Korea
長く連絡できる友達を作りたいです 私と親しく過ごしてください メール送ってください Hi I m 01 Please Send me a Message D 안녕하세요 일본인친구를 사귀고싶어요 아무나 부담없이 메일 보내...
Gender : Female
Age : 41
Live in : Jepun
はじめまして 私は韓国に興味があります 韓国についていろいろ勉強したいです 韓国語はほとんど話せません まだ韓国に行ったこともないので旅行にも行きたいです 文化や韓国語に...
Gender : Female
Age : 15
Live in : China
Hi ThereThis is Alina and I m now studying in Shenzhen. I m from China and I hope to make friends with people all over the world and I can speak English. I really like to know more about the world by ...
Gender : Male
Age : 46
Live in : Korea
처음뵙겠습니다. 저는 일본의 문화, 언어 등에 관심이 많이 있습니다. 그래서, 일본어 공부를 시작했지만 아직 초보입니다. 언젠가 일본어를 잘 할 수 있겠지요 일상의 일들을 부담없이 ...
Gender : Male
Age : 31
Live in : Jepun
こんにちは 안녕하세요 大阪に住んでいる 오사카에 살고있는 韓国人です 한국인입니다 今は大阪で留学しています 지금은 오사카에서 유학하고있습니다 仲良くしてくれる友達募集中...
Gender : Female
Age : 54
Live in : Amerika Syarikat
Hello everyone, I like different kinds of music, nature, cooking and trying new recipes. Like to read a good book, whenever I can find the time to sit and relax. There are some books that when I begin...
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