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Gender : Female
Age : 12
Live in : Amerika Syarikat
My name is Kennedy I am 12 going on 13. I love Kpop and watching kdramas. I am here to find friends and to learn a little bit of Korean. Please let me know if you want to be my friend Favorite color y...
Gender : Female
Age : 39
Live in : United Kingdom
Hi everyone. I would love to make new friends worldwide and learn about different cultures, especially from countries such as Korea. It would be exciting to find people who have similar interests to m...
Gender : Female
Age : 21
Live in : Korea
Hi. I m an university student in Seoul. My major is an English Education. I want to make friends who can speak English. And if you want to learn Korean, I can help you. Let s share our cultures and la...
Gender : Female
Age : 34
Live in : Jepun
はじめまして 私の名前はともです 韓国語の勉強をはじめました たくさん練習したいと思っています メールもらえると嬉しいです どうぞよろしくお願いします 안녕하세요. 처음 뵙겠...
Gender : Female
Age : 41
Live in : Jepun
はじめまして 世界中の色 な人とコミニュケーションを取りたいので国 年齢は問いませんが日本語しか使えないので通訳機を使います 日本人でもokです 韓国語と英語を これから学ぼ...
Gender : Male
Age : 28
Live in : Korea
こんにちは 日本でワーホリしました!今は韓国です 日本語の勉強をしていますけどやはりもっと上手になりたいです 目標はサザエさんのタラちゃんぐらいのレベルです٩ ๑ᴗ๑ ۶ も...
Gender : Female
Age : 28
Live in : Kandungan
Hola I hope u r all doing fine. First of all thank u for visiting my penpal page. I m very excited to being here for cultural exchangeing, likewise i can say that this site s making habit over time. H...
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